28th November-5th December.

One gift, twice the impact.

Human rights defenders and their families need your support this winter. You can make a difference in their lives this Christmas by supporting our Christmas Big Give 2023! Look through our page to find out more about the campaign including stories from human rights defenders in need this winter, and video messages from those who have been supported by our wonderful donors.

Our Christmas Big Give begins in...

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Sultan’s Story

This winter, many of us will be spending time with family, buying presents for our loved ones, and enjoying festive treats. But for human rights defenders like Sultan and his family (pictured right) these cold winter months will be anything but a time for celebration.

After the Taliban takeover in 2021, Afghan journalist Sultan was threatened by the regime. His outspoken support for women, children and religious minorities angered those in power.

In my career I was always threatened and have been a target from different parties in Afghanistan because, as you know, it is the most dangerous place for being a journalist.

Sultan and his family were forced into hiding after the Taliban began searching houses to identify and imprison journalists. However, Sultan was soon discovered while reporting on women’s rights protests. He was beaten and tortured by members of the regime.

The family are still struggling to survive in hiding. They are terrified to leave the house. Terrified that they will be arrested and tortured for doing so. Sultan now suffers from extreme agoraphobia. With no income, the family remains in hiding with the support of a PoC emergency hardship grant.

‘I cannot go out and in the crowds…I feel suffocated and convulsive’.  

Sultan, explaining his fear of the outside world.

Our Christmas Campaign

From 12pm Tuesday 28th November to 12pm Tuesday 5th December, our Christmas Big Give will be LIVE.

By donating via debit/credit card at the link below, your gift for human rights defenders will be DOUBLED by the Big Give.

This year, in addition to doubling your debit/credit card donations, gifts of £500 or more made by BACS will also be matched by the Big Give. To do this, you will need to create a donor account on the Big Give and follow the instructions shown on the webpage here: biggive.org/donation-funds/

ANY donation could help Prisoners of Conscience to support human rights defenders and their families at this challenging time:

  • A gift of £10, which will be doubled by the Big Give* to make £20, could go towards providing family like Sultan’s with a hot dinner at Christmas time.
  • A gift of £25 (£50*) could pay for a family’s fuel bills during a cold winter month.
  • And a gift of £50 (£100*) could pay for winter clothing for a family in exile this winter.

Hear from the people we support


Rania is an activist and lecturer from Sudan, persecuted for upholding freedom of expression and democracy. Rania and her family are now settled in the UK after being forced to flee. She talks here about her PoC Bursary grant, and how this has enabled her to fund her PhD.

It is not just changing my life, it is changing my family’s life…Even if it is a small donation, it really makes a huge huge difference.

Rania, speaking about her bursary grant and why you should support PoC.


Aysegul is a judge from Turkey who was forced to flee her country to escape arbitrary arrest after the 2016 military coup. Aysegul was a recipient of one of our bursary grants in 2020, allowing her to requalify in the UK. She will begin her solicitor training contract in 2024.

It’s difficult to explain, to express in words what impact they have done in my life. They transformed my life.

Aysegul speaking about the affect of the PoC grant on her life.

Other ways to support us

We understand that money may be tight for many of you this festive season. You can still help us with our appeal in many other ways !

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