Prisoners of Conscience is delighted to have been chosen for a BBC Radio 4 Appeal, presented by the wonderful Mandira Sharma, a human rights lawyer from Nepal whose life was transformed by a grant from PoC.

A Story of Hope

As a human rights defender working for democracy in Nepal, Mandira suffered many years of persecution. But it was when death threats were made against her that she knew she had to leave; forced from the country she loved.

When Mandira moved to the UK in 2014, she had left everything behind in Nepal. Her family, her home and her career…

Around the world, people who stand up for human rights are being persecuted and silenced. Many, like Mandira, have to flee their countries. Some face imprisonment, torture or even murder.

This is when Prisoners of Conscience can help. By providing financial help for food, study, or accommodation, or by paying for travel so families who have been torn apart can be reunited.

Mandira got in touch after she settled in England, and we awarded her with a grant that paid for her to carry on with her legal studies.

She speaks to listeners from Nepal, now able to resume her work after years of persecution.

Mandira shares her story of hope on BBC Radio 4:

Sunday 3rd September- 7.54am (GMT- London)

Sunday 3rd September- 9.25pm

Thursday 7th September- 3.27pm

Listen to a preview of our appeal here, as Mandira shares the work of PoC and why human rights defenders need our help now more than ever before.

How can I make a difference?


Listen to our BBC Radio 4 Appeal on 92-95fm or by clicking the button below:


Just imagine the impact we can create if each of our supporters encouraged a friend, loved one, or colleague to follow our appeal. We could double or triple the support you give to keep human rights alive!

Spread the news from our social media accounts:

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Your generosity has the power to change lives. And here’s the best part:

All donations made during this appeal will be MATCHED by three of our generous supporters, at no extra cost to you, until a value of £20,000 is reached!

The donation link will open on Sunday 3rd September- and will remain open until 23.59 on Saturday 9th September.



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