Adeeb and his family have lived their entire lives in Pakistan fearing for their safety. Being members of a minority sect within Shia Islam, they have been routinely harassed, threatened and, both physically and psychologically, abused. 

Adeeb was refused a government teaching position at a local school on religious grounds. Persecution continued, with a particularly frightening incident occurring, where Adeeb was attacked by a mob under the leadership of the local Mudarassah administration. He was locked up, beaten and threatened with death if he did not convert to mainstream Islam. He was eventually left in a landfill, terrorized and unable to walk. Soon after that, Adeeb and his family were rendered homeless, after a local group of people forcibly removed them from their home, with the police doing nothing to try and resolve the issue.

These are few of the incidents of religious persecution Adeeb and his family have had to face.  All this suffering has left Adeeb severely depressed and traumatised. He decided to flee to the UK with his wife and 3-year-old daughter, where they received refugee status and have been living ever since. He is now looking to reunite with the other four children left behind in Pakistan. Following the rejection of his family reunion application by the Home Office, PoC has issued a grant to Adeeb to set the appeal process in motion and pay for medical tests for his children.



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