Gary Allison LLB MBA – Director

Gary joined PoC as Director in July 2018 following 25 years of legal practice in South Africa and England. Having supported various NGOs and charities over the last four decades, Gary served as a trustee, and latterly, as Vice-Chair, of PoC from 2001 to 2013. With an MBA from Warwick University, which focussed on the charity and professional services sectors, Gary brings a commercial approach and passion for increasing the work of PoC in meeting the acute needs of prisoners of conscience in the UK and internationally. 

Joanna Pitta – Grants and Support Manager

Originally working as an intern at PoC, Joanna joined the staff team in 2019. Interested in refugee and humanitarian issues, after completing her MA in Human Rights at Sussex University, Joanna interned with UNHCR and then worked for Solidarity Now, an organisation supporting those most affected by the economic and humanitarian crises in Greece. She assesses, researches and processes grant applications.

Emily Cray- Communications and Fundraising Officer 

Emily is our newest staff member, having joined PoC in December 2022. She recently completed her MSc in Global Ethics and Justice at the University of Birmingham. Emily creates content for our social media, maintains and develops the website, and manages our supporter database.

Volunteers and Interns

We would not be able to carry out our work without the support from volunteers and interns. We are supported by about 6 volunteers at any one time.



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