Leaving a legacy

You can continue to help us after you have gone by leaving us a legacy.  

Legacies have enabled us do great things over the years and represent around 20% of our total income.  One in particular allowed us to set-up a special post-graduate funding scheme for refugee professionals to requalify after being forced into exile which evolved into our extremely successful Bursaries Fund.

Trevor is an artist, and Prisoners of Conscience supporter. He has been politically active as long as he can remember. Peace and protecting human rights have always been important to him. As he says, “One of the worst things that can befall us individually or collectively would be any kind of suppression of our strongest beliefs.” The tangible, practical, support that donors to Prisoners of Conscience provide for those suffering for their human rights has always been important to him. Trevor’s involvement isn’t theoretical. It’s personal. Trevor’s wife, Ursula, fled South Africa under the repressive apartheid regime. And that reality has given both of them a deep-seated passion to do what they can to defend human rights. Leaving a gift to Prisoners of Conscience in their wills seemed like a natural way for Trevor and Ursula to try and build a world where all human beings have a right to exist, to think what they want to think and to be who they are. 

You may have a particular area of our work that you would like to fund and we would be happy to accommodate any particular interests you may have.

How to Leave a Legacy

If you want to find out more about how a legacy can make a lasting impact you should contact the director Gary Allison at gary@prisonersofconscience.org.

We recommend that you consult a solicitor, and, if you do not have a solicitor, you might contact the Law Society

Legacy gifts could be in the form of residuary, pecuniary and specifiic gifts.  If you already have a will, you could add a codicil.

If you would like family and friends to make donations towards our work in lieu of flowers at your funeral you can include this wish in your will. This request can also be arranged by the funeral director.

Donating in memory

Helping others can be a lasting tribute

Losing someone close to you is a extremely difficult and painful time.  A gift given to a cause that they cared about can be a wonderful and positive way to keep their memory alive, creating a lasting tribute.

A donation In Memory to Prisoners of Conscience will help some of the world’s bravest people during times of crisis, whilst continuing the memory of your loved one forever.

If you would like to make a donation in memory of someone you loved you can do so here (please email us to let us know who the gift is in memory of). Or you can call the office on 020 7407 6644 to make a donation over the phone or send a cheque by post to the address at the bottom of the page.

Thank you to those who have already honoured the memory of your friends and family in this way; we hope it is of some comfort to know that your donation has helped brave men and women all over the world who have suffered for standing up for what they believe in.



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