PoC provides rapid financial assistance by way of grants to ensure immediate relief,
resettlement and requalification at the time of greatest need.

Hardship Relief

These emergency grants cover
items such as food, living expenses,
accommodation, furniture,
travel and medicines in the UK and

Thank you, I have received the money and I really appreciate it. It’s going to pay rent so I have a place to sleep and will help me buy food.

Julia*, prisoner of conscience from Rwanda

Family reunion

Prisoners of conscience are often forced to leave their families behind as they seek asylum in the UK – our grants for travel, emergency documentation, medical assessment, DNA testing and legal expenses enable families to be reunited. 

Thank you so much for your kindness to decide to support me and my family.  We feel we have somebody thinking about us.  Especially I thank you and all the colleagues for giving a huge unforgettable help for our family reunion.  We can build our lives slowly back to normal.

Sriansh*, prisoner of conscience from Sri Lanka


We fund post-graduate and
re-qualification studies in the UK to
allow prisoners of conscience to
recommence their work, thereby becoming self-sufficient and able to contribute back to society. 

I would like to say to all the donors and staff of Prisoners of Conscience I cannot thank you enough. You are changing lives and making dreams come true. 

Asim*, prisoner of conscience from Sudan


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