This is a special year for PoC, as it marks our 60th Anniversary. But the fact that we still need to exist is not something to celebrate. If the people that need our support can’t celebrate, then neither can we.

Sixty years on, and we are still witnessing gross human rights violations and repressive regimes around the world. Journalists are being silenced, religious minorities are being discriminated against, and human rights activists are being harassed, tortured and murdered.

To mark our anniversary, we have produced a Global Report, with the Foreword contributed by Mary Lawlor, UN Special Rapporteur for human rights defenders, which provides the human rights context for 15 countries where your generous support has helped save and transform the lives of so many prisoners of conscience. Click here to read our first ever Global Report.

We have also created a short video sharing the stories of the brave men and women we support, who defend human rights and freedoms of themselves and others, and face persecution for doing so.

We are very grateful to our loyal supporters and partners, whose generosity and kindness, mean than we can carry on providing life-saving assistance to prisoners of conscience and human rights defenders in need, who dare to stand up for democracy and human rights.

Since our inception in 1962, we’ve provided rapid financial and practical assistance to more than 10,000 prisoners of conscience and their dependents and distributed more than £4m. Click here to read our latest Impact Report and find out what we achieved with the support of our donors in 2021/2022.



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