Through our partnership with Assistance Association for Political Prisoners (Burma) we have supported human rights defenders in Burma/Myanmar for over two decades. The struggle for peace and democracy in this country continues and PoC, AAPPB and the people who have benefited from your kindness are most grateful.

Yadanar’s Story*

Yadanar* is a pro-democracy activist from Myanmar. Growing up, Yadanar watched her father’s active participation in parliament as a member of the National League for Democracy.

She also watched as her beloved father was imprisoned for such political activity and sentenced to fourteen and a half years behind bars.

Despite the dangers of doing so, Yadanar’s father remained politically active while in prison. Inspired by his dedication to human rights and democracy, Yadanar decided that she too would become a political activist and protest for fair, open elections.

Yadanar joined the National League for Democracy in 2012 and was elected as a regional representative in parliament. She later became an MP and was re-elected in 2020. However, a coup early in 2021 put a stop to Yadanar’s hopes of democratic freedom in Myanmar.

Just four days after the military takeover, Yadanar participated in the formation of a pro-democratic committee. This committee was promptly declared illegal by the military junta, and Yadanar was faced with the threat of arbitrary arrest.

Her steadfast opposition to the military, and her resolution to continue political activities, meant Yadanar was quickly becoming a target. She was forced to flee her home and seek refuge in the border regions, whether she had to move between eight different hiding places before finding safety.

On the Thai Myanmar border, Yadanar lives in fear of extortion by the local authorities. She also suffers from a chronic stomach disease that requires ongoing treatment. When her condition worsened and required urgent medical care, we provided Yadanar with an emergency hardship grant to cover the costs of her medical treatment.

PoC hopes to continue awarding block grants of at least £5,000 to AAPPB each year. Please let us know if you have a particular interest in funding human rights defenders in Burma.  



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