Raising more funds to give practical help to prisoners of conscience

We are delighted to have been a part of the Big Give’s Christmas Challenge again this year.  Between Thursday 5th and Saturday 7th December, we managed to raise £14,990 in total, including £7,335 in matched funds from the Big Give.  Sadly we didn’t quite manage to unlock all the matched donations available to us before the pot of money ran out, so we do still need your help to reach our target of £20,000.  If you missed the opportunity to donate, please send a gift today. via our website.  Your donation won’t be doubled, but it will be put to very good use indeed, sending direct practical help to support prisoners of conscience and their families at difficult times in their lives.

A big thank you to all of our staunch supporters who got in there early and managed to make a doubled donation.

What’s the Big Idea?

This year we raised funds for relief, resettlement and rehabilitation.  We believe that no prisoner of conscience should be without the practical support they need, both during and after their ordeal. You can read more about our Big Idea here.

How the Big Give helped in 2012

Thanks to all of our loyal and generous supporters we reached our target of raising £10,000 online through the Big Give website in December 2012. This was then doubled to £20,000 by the Christmas Challenge Fund.  We were overwhelmed by everyone’s generosity, especially in the current economic climate as we realise it is not always easy to find that little bit extra, especially at this time of year. A thank you message from one of our beneficiaries says it all…“I am convinced that if enough brave people like you stand up to be counted, this world would be a better place. There are many people who still need PoC’s support. These people are counting on you wherever they are. Perhaps they are holed up in some dark prison cell wondering whether their families are able to eat and can make it without them, or just someone struggling to get into a profession here in the UK, and I personally know many refugees who are denied progress due to lack of finance but your commitment enables PoC to bridge this gap slowly. At some point in time, some of us prayed for miracles. Then you came along and brought a smile to our faces (through your contributions). You are a gift to our lives and THANK YOU so much.”   

Photos: Sophie Baker



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