In Sudan, objecting to government decisions can be dangerous, as Kamil, a teaching assistant at the University of Khartoum, was to discover. After protesting on behalf of suspended students, he was persecuted and tortured by the Sudanese Security Authority 

In April 2016, after a decision by the Sudanese government to sell part of the University, students participated in peaceful demonstrations to protest against this decision, which led to many students being suspended. Kamil was involved in open debates about the dismissal of university students, supporting their return and calling for them to be judged fairly. 

The day after the debate, Kamil was arrested, blindfolded and questioned. He was accused of inciting a student uprising and for allegedly supporting JEM (Justice & Equality Movement – an armed opposition group in Sudan).  

Denying all accusations, Kamil was detained and brutally tortured for ten days. He was finally released under the condition that he would not discuss what had happened to him and had to report regularly to the police and inform on student leaders and armed movements. 

Kamil made the difficult decision to flee Sudan and sought refuge in the UK.

With a part scholarship and the help of the Prisoners of Conscience Bursary Fund, Kamil is now completing his MSc in Civil Engineering at a university in Northern England.

Already excelling in his MSc, having obtained a distinction in his first semester, Kamil received an extra grant from PoC to replace a broken laptop and to cover the costs of some household basics.

With help from our generous supporters, PoC will continue to support the development of ambitious people like Kamil.



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