It was a grey and slightly damp morning today that saw me reluctantly get out of bed, pull on my running gear and head out to run 2.6km around ‘the hood’.

Why would I do this? Because I am participating in the 2.6 Challenge on behalf of Prisoners of Conscience. I’m doing it along with Joanna, Gary, Kirsty, Natalia, Arabella, Andy and Harry who have also agreed to join in and raise much needed funds for our work by completing their own 2.6 Challenges.

Would you like to join us? We’re looking for 26 people to complete 26 different challenges.  You can pick whatever activity you want, but the idea is that it’s based around the numbers of 2.6 or 26.

Natalia is doing the hula-hoop for 26 minutes, Gary is growing 26 plants, Harry will be cycling 26km, Arabella will be roller blading for 26km…

For some reason, I have decided that my 2.6 challenge should be to run 2.6km every day for 26 days. Having just completed Day 1, I am wondering whether I’ve made a big mistake. I am not much of a runner. Indeed I’m not sure that you can even call what I do “running”. It’s more of a plod or a shuffle. And then there is a MASSIVE hill that I can barely walk up never mind run! Why didn’t I choose to read 26 books? Or eat 26 cup cakes? I have certainly set a challenge for myself that’s for sure!

If you fancy showing us what you’re made of and how you are a much better runner than I’ll ever be, maybe you’d like to sign up too? You don’t have to run – you can do any sort of activity you want. All you need to do is decide what it should be and then either make a donation or set up a fundraising page over on

You can find out more about Prisoners of Conscience’s involvement in the 2.6 Challenge here, and if you’d like to ask questions, have a chat or cheer us on from the sidelines, feel free to get in touch via my email below.

With very many thanks – and hope to see you completing your 2.6 Challenge very soon!


Becky Slack
Fundraising Manager
Prisoners of Conscience

P.S. If you don’t want to take part, but would like to motivate me to keep going by donating to my personal fundraising page, that would be very much appreciated and would certainly help keep me going when I’m looking at that hill wondering how on earth I’m going to get up it! THANK YOU!



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