Prisoners of Conscience is participating in the 2.6 Challenge, what a great opportunity to run 26km in 2.6 days and raise money for PoC, I thought.

Five minutes into my first run the feelings have changed…I am already doubting my decision! But I keep going and it all becomes easier. I get in the zone, endorphins start kicking in, my running cadence syncs with the rhythm of my music…until the next song; now I need to find my tempo again.

I start thinking that I’m not in this alone. My mind goes to Natalia who kept hula hooping for 26 minutes, and Becky who has to run up that dreaded hill every day for 26 days. I start appreciating the flatness of Regent’s Park and carry on.

1 hour and 2 minutes, and many thoughts, later I am standing next to this beautiful tree, having completed 11km out of my 26km goal. Could be the endorphins talking, but ‘that wasn’t too bad!’ I think to myself. My face and knees probably disagree.

If you would like to give me that little extra push I need to complete my challenge you can donate to my personal fundraising page here. It would be much appreciated and I’ll definitely think twice before quitting during my next endeavour, because trust me the thought will definitely cross my mind!

Or if you prefer to join us in this 2.6 Challenge, we would be thrilled! We’re looking for 26 people to complete 26 different challenges. You can pick whatever activity you want, but the idea is that it’s based around the numbers of 2.6 or 26.

I challenge you to run for 26km straight, learn to count to 26 in a different language, or do any sort of activity you want, as long as it’s fun. And even if it isn’t, because let’s be honest I didn’t enjoy all 11km, it will all be worth it in the end. Funds raised will go to deserving human rights defenders around the world, who have been persecuted for being brave enough to stand up for their and our rights.

All you need to do is either make a donation to Prisoners of Conscience or decide on your challenge, set up a fundraising page on JustGiving and ask your friends and family for sponsorship.

You can find out more about Prisoners of Conscience’s involvement in the 2.6 Challenge here, and if you’d like to ask questions, have a chat or cheer us on from the sidelines, feel free to get in touch via my email below.

With many thanks,


Joanna Pitta
Communications and Transformation Officer
Prisoners of Conscience



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