Prisoners of Conscience teams up with the Big Give Christmas Challenge again this year to double the impact of donations made between 1 and 8 December 2020 to our Wings of Hope Campaign.

As this challenging year is coming to an end, we have the chance to create a world of unity, solidarity and kindness. This Christmas help human rights defenders transform their lives and our world. Make a change. Give them hope.

All around the world many people are dealing with human rights violations. To make a stand against human rights abuses is dangerous. Human rights defenders can find themselves out of work, prevented from accessing vital services, imprisoned or forced into exile. They can face sexual and physical violence, torture and even death at the hands of their oppressors.

Prisoners of Conscience provides financial assistance to people who have been persecuted to help keep them alive and safe. We pay for accommodation, medical and legal bills, food, clothing, travel, university fees and more. The people we support tell us this makes a big difference to their lives. Not only does it mean they can survive physically but it also gives them hope. Hope that their actions haven’t been in vain. Hope that other people also care about human rights – and care about them.

All donations made by credit or debit card via the Big Give website, between 12 noon on Tuesday 1 December and 12 noon on Tuesday 8 December will be instantly doubled at no extra cost to yourself.

Our overall target is £40,000 – every donation made will be doubled, until a total of £20,000 is donated online, which will enable us to reach our overall target of £40,000.

Any donations made through the Prisoners of Conscience website will NOT be doubled. You can make your donation via this link.

“It’s never easy to start your life from scratch in a new country. The organisations like PoC are acting as a life-line for people like us helping them building their lives again.”

W, architect and religious minority member in Pakistan
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