As we approach Christmas, so many of the people with whom we work live on the very margins of society and right now they need your help! As well as coping with the repercussions of standing up for their human rights, right now they are experiencing severe hardship, and struggling to survive the cost-of-living crisis.

Thanks to 6 big-hearted donors who have stood up alongside you and generously offered £30,000 of matched funding, every online gift you make through the Christmas Big Give will help twice as many people.

Will you join them, arm-in-arm in the spirit of generosity, and consider making your biggest gift yet to Prisoners of Conscience this year?

All donations made by credit or debit card via the Big Give website between 12pm on Tueasday 29th November and 12pm on Tueasday 6th December will be instantly doubled at no extra cost to you. Our overall target is £60,000 – every donation made online until £30,000 is reached will be doubled.

Your support can make a huge difference.

Any donations made through the Prisoners of Conscience website will NOT be doubled.
Please tell your family, friends and colleagues about PoC’s Big Give.

We appreciate that times are tough for everyone right now, but only through your generosity can we help prisoners of conscience who are struggling to make ends meet this Christmas.

Click here to donate.

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