These days, it seems everywhere you turn, human rights and freedoms are being violated. Following an act of conscience to uphold human rights, prisoners of conscience are often intimidated, imprisoned and tortured. Many ‘disappear’, and others are murdered. Some are able to escape or forced into exile. If they manage to flee to another country, they frequently arrive traumatised, destitute, and fearful.

This Christmas you have the opportunity to double your kindness and give even more relief to innocent people whose lives have been shattered by human rights violations.

Thanks to three big-hearted donors who have generously offered £25,000 of matched funding, every gift you make to Prisoners of Conscience through the Christmas Big Give between 30 November and 7 December will help twice as many people. That means for every £1 you give online we raise £2. And if a total of £25,000 is donated online, we raise £50,000 to help prisoners of conscience around the world.

Prisoners of conscience like Tsi, a journalist, human rights activist and filmmaker in Cameroon currently serving a long prison sentence for being critical of the government. His wife and two children are struggling to make ends meet while Tsi has limited access to food in prison. With the help of our supporters, we recently awarded a grant to Tsi and his family to cover some of their basic needs.

My wife received the grant support you sent and it is going a long way to help us handle some pressing needs of the family. 

I am eternally grateful and appreciative of your support in these moments of abject want. Your organisation is an example of what the world needs amidst the hate and conflicts all around us. 

May God almighty strengthen you and your team and grant you the necessary resources to continue helping people like me in dire need of help. Thanks you once again and bless you.


If you would like to help more prisoners of conscience like Tsi please donate via the Big Give website between 12pm 30 November and 12pm 7 December and the impact of your donation will be doubled. Any donations made through the Prisoners of Conscience website will NOT be doubled.

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